In 2019, we are more obsessed with the idea of success than ever before. We’re a world devoted to productivity hacks, goals and working 60 hours a week.

The problem with this kind of lifestyle is that it can be hard to maintain. And it can be even harder to maintain a balance between your work life and your home life.

For this reason, many of us look for ways of better balancing and improving our lives. But did you know that all it really takes to achieve a bit of balance are some simple habits? Let’s take a look at 10 simple daily habits that will help balance and improve your life.

1. Begin Your Day With A Positive Thought

The power of intent is important, and if you start the day with a positive thought you’ll be setting the right tone. We suggest that you wake up and say to yourself: “Today is going to be a good day.”

Picture it being a good day. Picture the success, the smiles, the happiness and the achievements. In this way, you’ll be tapping into your subconscious, which in turn will help you have a good day.

To enhance your positive thoughts, you could look up some positive quotes on the internet or you could keep a poster on your wall that inspires you. Waking up to some inspiring images each morning can be the perfect way to kick off the day.

2. Make The Most of Family Time

When we’re chasing work-related dreams, it can be so very easy to neglect family time. And even when we do see our families, it is often because our partner has forced the issue. For this reason, it might be that we’re there but we’re not there. Instead, we’re checking our phones and patting the dog’s head whilst replying to an email.

But family is the most important area of your life and has to come before work. All your success in life starts with your family; if you get this right, you get everything else right.

3. Drink Water As Soon As You Get Up

A morning glass of water is the ideal way to kick-start your day in a healthy way. An early glass of water brings with it an array of health benefits: it helps to get your metabolism going, it can be cure illnesses and diseases, it helps to flush out the nasty toxins in your body that have been swarming overnight, it rehydrates not just your body but also your brain, ensuring you feel energised and alert, and it also helps your body to better balance its lymph system.

An unbalanced lymph system can lead to all kinds of problems, such as prolonged infections, and poor daily functioning. So turn the tap and poor a glass!

4. Put Aside Time Each Day To Work On What You’re Good At

All experts in their field put aside at least fifteen minutes a day to develop and refine their expertise. It’s simply the only way to keep on getting better and better.

If you want to succeed in life, you need to make sure that you excel at one thing. So wherever your area of expertise lies, you could do a lot worse than spend at least fifteen minutes each day working on it. Fifteen minutes is not too much to sacrifice, but the rewards it can bring are amazing.

5. Have Lunch!

So many of us in the 21st century skip lunch. Only a decade or so ago, lunch was seen as a God-given right, and we’d take every single minute offered to us. These days, thanks to increased pressure and workload, many of us either eat whilst working or skip lunch altogether.

This is not good for balance, though. To achieve balance and harmony in your life it’s so much better to enjoy your lunch and to take time out. Eat outside in the park, pop to the sandwich shop. Whatever you do, get away from your desk and get recharged.

6. Have Some Fun When You Get Home

It’s really hard to switch off from work for a lot of us, with many workers now taking their work home with them. But a great way to achieve balance and improve your life is by letting your hair down once you get home.

Rather than check your emails the minute you walk through the door or clean your house, why not instead order a takeaway, put your feet up and watch a movie? Even better, how about dining out with your partner or family? These kinds of recreational activities are things to look forward to after work, and they help to motivate us and make us happy.

7. Plan Your Day Before Bed

A really great way to restore balance and order to your life is plotting a to-do list before you go to bed. A to-do list will help to cut the fat from your day and focus only on what matters. This will save you time, improve productivity and subsequently make you happier and more focused.

It will also mean you are able to free up some downtime! Yay!

8. Have A Glass of Red Wine At Night

We’re not promoting an all-out session of booze, but a glass of red wine has so many health benefits that it’s unreal. It can, for example make you smarter, boost your immune system, help you sleep, and it can also fend off debilitating mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s.

All of these benefits are super for a better balanced, more productive life. Indeed, as long as you drink red wine in moderation, it could well be the wonder drink you’ve been looking for all this time. And the bonus is it tastes great and can make you feel all warm and fuzzy! (Fell free to read about 10 surprising health benefits of wine here).

9. Work Hard

No one achieved balance and happiness through lack of hard work. If you spend the entire day lazing around the house, procrastinating and putting off chores, you will find that your life becomes chaotic.

Hard work, dedication and persistence really does pay off. If you want an easier life where harmony is restored, you will need to get your head down at work and give it your best shot.

10. Go Home At The End Of The Working Day!

Finally, we cannot stress enough the perils of hanging around work too long. Your colleagues might think you’re setting an example to others by working longer hours. But you’d be setting a much better example if you left on time to be with your family. Your family deserves your care and respect more than your long hours do.