Want more strength and energy? All you need to do is eat the right foods. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 amazing super foods that give you energy.

You’ve no doubt heard all about super foods. Perhaps you found out about them via a show on television, or perhaps your friend pointed out to you that the seeds on your plate are a super food. But what is a super food? A super food is any food that is nutritionally dense. It’s usually plant-based, but there are also some dairy and fish super foods, such as eggs and salmon. They haven’t got their own group, but can come from anywhere – as we’ll find out in this article. Because they’re locked and loaded with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, super foods should be a mainstay of your diet if you care about your health. For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing on 10 amazing super foods that will give you strength and energy. Let’s take a look!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds might be tiny, but they pack a massive punch and are definitely a champion of foods that give you energy. They are a complete protein, which means they contain all the essential amino-acids. Added to that are the likes of calcium, potassium, fibre, manganese and iron. As you can imagine, just a single tbsp of chia seeds is pretty potent stuff, and contains 5g of fibre, too. One way chia seeds give you a boost of energy is by removing impurities and toxins from your immune and digestive systems, cleaning them right out. How to eat them? You could add them to a big bowl of oatmeal in the morning, blend them in a smoothie – or make your own delicious chia pudding. YUM!


Coconut is one of the biggest super foods that give you energy. It’s a super duper super fly food! You can eat coconut meat, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut butter, or even coconut water! There are so many great ways to enjoy one of nature’s biggest ever miracles. Sometimes, you don’t even need to consume it. If you’ve ever had a blood transfusion, chances are that the medics used coconut water to help restore your strength, as it’s rich in electrolytes. The meat itself contains lots of fibre, protein, and good fat, which is also important for building up your strength and giving you energy.


Yogurt is an excellent way to start your day because it’s rich in protein – which is exactly what you need for a sustained boost of energy. Many of us skip breakfast, instead preferring to grab something at work. But this can cause you to feel sluggish before the day has even begun. It’s a much better idea to start the day on the right foot – and yogurt helps you do just that. It’s really convenient, too – no cooking involved! So skip the carbs at breakfast time, load up on protein and seize the day.

Dark Chocolate

“Wait a minute!” you exclaim, spinach resting on your fork. “Chocolate is a villain, not a super food! Here I am, eating spinach, and you’re telling me I could have been eating chocolate all along?!” Yes. But not just any type of chocolate – dark chocolate.

Less a Prince of Darkness and more a true super (hero) food, dark chocolate is easily one of the most indulgent super foods that give you energy in this article. But you don’t need to feel guilty for eating it, because it’s a great way to improve your energy levels. This is because it contains both theobromine and caffeine. As long as you don’t overdo things, and stick to 2 – 3 squares per day, dark chocolate could be the greatest ever way to fuel you up.


“Woah. WOAH!” you exclaim. “Has Beauty and Tips gone crazy? One moment you’re telling me to eat chocolate, and now you want me to eat popcorn and you say that it’s one of foods that give you energy?! WHAT IS HAPPENING.”

It’s okay, because popcorn actually has an unfair reputation. See, the kind of popcorn that’s sloshed in butter (the kind you’ll find at the cinema) is bad for you. No amount of butter can ever be good for you. But organic popcorn is actually really good for you. And because it’s loaded with carbs and fibres and has barely any calories, it’s a good way to boost your energy.

Leafy Greens

Okay, you can put that piece of spinach back on your plate now, because it isn’t all chocolate and popcorn. Sorry. You will have to eat some greens to build your strength up. Leafy greens – which include the likes of kale, cabbage and spinach – are stuffed with iron, which provides both strength and energy. Iron helps to transport more blood and oxygen around your body, which in turn improves your focus, energy and muscle-power.


Been avoiding quinoa all this time because the hipsters eat it? Now it’s time to get aboard the quinoa train. Because, although it’s definitely trendy to eat quinoa at the moment, there is also another very good reason to eat it – it’s one of healthy foods that give you energy! Quinoa is a complete protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids. What are amino acids? They are protein’s building blocks. And what does protein do? It builds muscle. Bingo!


We don’t think anything tastes of comfort and nice things than honey on a winter’s morning. It’s love itself, especially when draped over a bowl of oatmeal, almonds and bananas. YUMMY IN OUR TUMMY. Honey is also a great way to improve your energy levels in the morning, as it’s naturally rich in calories and sugar.


Like spinach, mushrooms are rich in iron and it’s one of fabulous foods that give you energy. So in case you really can’t see yourself eating the leafy greens, you could try some ‘shrooms instead. Mushrooms are ever so tasty. And because there are SO many types available, you just need to do some experimenting to find your fav.


Lastly, because salmon is rich in protein and vitamin B6, it’s a great way to build up your strength and muscle.